Manager’s Messages

Considerate Smoking Practices

We hope this message finds you well.

While we understand that smoking is permitted within the Association, we kindly remind all residents to be mindful of the potential impact of smoke seeping into neighboring units. We have received reports of the smell causing discomfort to some residents, and it’s essential that we all work together to maintain a considerate and respectful atmosphere.

In the spirit of community harmony, we urge smokers to take measures to contain smoke within their own units by using an air filter or closing the bathroom door since the smell may be transferring through the bathroom vents.

Please be advised that failure to address the smoke odor may result in a hearing and a possible fine. Our goal is to ensure that all residents can enjoy a peaceful living environment, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Water Bill

Please note that your water bill is still separate from your Monthly HOA Assessments and must be paid. As recently shared, the CC&Rs Amendment did not receive enough approvals from the Membership to approve including the water bill in the Monthly Assessment. The Board will be discussing next steps to possibly restart the voting process to include the water bill in the monthly dues. In the meantime, please continue to pay your water bill. Thank you!

Balcony Water Reminder

A quick reminder to avoid letting water fall from your balconies, whether from watering plants, cleaning purposes, etc. This practice can lead to safety hazards, property damage, and impact the overall cleanliness of our community.

Please use alternative methods like watering cans and ensure any cleaning activities are managed responsibly. Your cooperation ensures we maintain a safe and clean living environment for everyone.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Let’s Light Up the Holidays! 🎉🌟

It’s that time of year again when we come together to celebrate the joy of the season. We’re excited to invite you to our spectacular Holiday Party in our very own home!

📅 Date: Saturday, 9th December 2023

🕠 Time: 5:30 PM

Some of your amazing neighbors are opening their doors to spread the festive cheer, and we can’t wait to make this night unforgettable with holiday themed drinks, fun activities, snacks, and caroling! But there’s a twist! We’ve got a little mystery for you – the party locations are a secret! 🤫

To join in on the fun, all you need to do is RSVP by November 30th to Once you’ve secured your spot, we’ll send you directions to the hidden gems where the parties will take place.

Come ready to mingle, laugh, sing, and share the holiday spirit with your Solara family. We promise you won’t want to miss this!

See you there, and let’s make this holiday season one to remember!

Warm regards,

Solara Lofts Building Social Committee

Annual Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler Inspection 11/10

Please be advised that the building-wide Fire Alarm Tests and Fire Sprinkler Inspections are scheduled for Friday, November 10th, and will be performed by HCI Systems. These tests/inspections require in-unit access for every unit – this is mandatory per fire code. Please be advised that the fire alarms will be going off intermittently throughout the day.

We kindly ask all residents to review the attached document which includes the schedule for each unit’s inspection on Friday, November 10th. HCI Systems will begin on the 8th Floor and work their way down. Please be present during your specified time slot for access so that they can complete this necessary task. If you are absolutely unable to be present – you may leave a key with the on-site building engineer, Edward. Edward is on-site Monday-Friday, typically from 7am-3pm.

If you fail to provide access to HCI Systems on Friday, November 10th, the Unit Owner may be subject to a fine for HCI’s rescheduling fee. Again – these inspections are required by fire code and the building cannot pass until each unit’s fire systems are inspected, so it is imperative that someone is available at your unit day-of to provide access.

Please contact me directly with any questions regarding this project at

Kind Regards,

Alex Keefer

Community Manager


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