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Roof Project 9/13

This notice is to inform that Cornerstone Managing Partners has been contracted by the Board of Directors to oversee the re-roofing project at the building, which will be performed...

Turn In Your Ballots!

The Annual Meeting of the Membership is scheduled for September 8, 2021 at 6:30PM. You will receive your ballot in the mail shortly if you haven’t already. Please be...

Do Not Dump Large Items Down Trash Chute

We would like to kindly remind everyone about trash & cardboard box disposal. There was an incident this weekend where a resident caused a gigantic trash chute backup when they stuffed...

New Community Manager

Dear Solara Lofts Community, This is to inform you of your new Community Manager, Justine Poulton. Justine’s information below and will be updated on site as well. Justine Poulton...


1551 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Management Team

Community Manager
Justine Poulton |

Manager Assistant
Wessal Muhamed|

Building Engineer
Edward Orozco, Action Engineering
Monday through Friday

Management Company

Action Property Management
Regional Office
1133 Columbia Street, Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92101
phone | (949) 450-0202