Do Not Dump Large Items Down Trash Chute

Posted By on July 14, 2021

We would like to kindly remind everyone about trash & cardboard box disposal. There was an incident this weekend where a resident caused a gigantic trash chute backup when they stuffed the shoot full with large pieces of furniture and other articles. One of the chairs stuffed down the trash chute was not even taken apart, the entire thing stuffed down the shoot, which backed up the trash chute several floors high. In addition to the chairs, broken up furniture pieces, and other unauthorized articles stuffed down the shoot, there was a large door just left in the trash room – which is also against Solara Lofts rules.

We know nobody likes a clogged trash chute that stops working – so let’s all do our part and follow these simple rules:

  1. Do not put any boxes down the trash chute
  2. Break down boxes and dispose of broken down, flattened boxes in the trash room or in the recycling bins inside the garage
  3. Follow the rule of thumb: if it’s larger than a 2L soda bottle, take it down the trash room for disposal
  4. Seal all trash before throwing it down the trash chute
  5. Large items such as mattresses, appliances, and furniture should NOT be left in the trash room or in common areas
  6. Please call a junk or waste servicer for bulk item disposal for any large items

Resources for bulk item disposal

  • Container Management Group 866-549-5310
  • Green Earth San Diego 805-490-1298
  • Impact Junk Removal 619-393-6265


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